Mighty Line Safety Floor Tape Product Line Up


The Mighty Line difference is the patented
technology in our floor tape. Our floor tapes,
floor signs and floor markings are made to
hold up to the rigors of warehouse activity.
In additon to the unsurpassed durability,
they are easy to install and have mininal
residue upon removal.
We know how important safety is to every
organization. The breadth of the Mighty
Line product line covers everything you
need to implement a 5S system for the
increased productivity of your facility
and the safety of your employees.

Mighty Floor Signs
Mighty Line industrial floor signs are great
for marking safety areas. Mighty Line
floor signs come in a variety of standard
options for you to choose from. Mighty
Line also produces custom floor signs with
your own logo or high resolution image.
Our Mighty Line floor signs are extremely
durable and can handle the rough industrial
environment. Mighty Line floor signs have a
peel and stick adhesive.

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