Mighty Line VS Paint ! Stop Painting Lines and Try Mighty Line Floor Tape

We found this awesome new graphic about using the Mighty Line heavy duty floor tape over the traditional paint. ________________________________________________________________________________…

Best Floor Tape Applicator – EVER

Mighty Line Floor Tape has made floor marking easier.

No mess, no fumes, and no downtime.

And now, with the Mighty Liner – our new floor tape applicator makes applying floor tape even easier!

The Mighty Liner design is lightweight, easy to load, and it allows you to thread as much as 100 feet of 2-Inch, 3-Inch, or 4-Inch tape.

Simply mark your guideline. As you walk the line, the Mighty Liner removes the backing and applies the tape securely to the floor. And when the roll is empty, it’s simple to reload.

This incredible floor tape applicator has been specially designed to apply Mighty Line Floor Tape, but it’s versatile and can be used to apply various tapes like duct tape, vinyl tape, gaffers tape, and other floor tapes.

Use the Best in Floor Tape

We really enjoyed this floor marking ad Workplace Safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why we focus on Safety…