Floor Tape Installation Instructions

Visit the step by step instructions on how to prepare the floor before laying down Mighty Line floor tape.



Mighty Line offers durable safety floor tapes, floor signs, 5s floor markings and other 5s floor tape products for warehouses. At Mighty Line, we wanted to provide customers one of the strongest industrial floor tapes on the market. We know how important safety is to every organization. We offer the one floor marking product that can help your 5s environments, the patented Mighty Line Floor Tapes.

Visit http://www.mightylinetape.com to view our other floor tape products.


Step 1: Establish an installation area

Picture of Establish an installation area

Make sure the designated area is an safe area. Stop forklift traffic and other motor traffic in that area before you start cleaning and applying Mighty Line floor tape.


Step 2: Clean the floor

Picture of Clean the floor

Sweep the floor and remove all debris from the floor. Use Mighty Line Cleaner or denatured alcohol to clean the floor before you apply Mighty Line floor tapes or Mighty Floor Signs. Ensure the floor is dry after cleaning and that the floor is above 50 degrees.


Step 3: Apply Mighty Line Floor Tape/ Mighty Sign

Picture of Apply Mighty Line Floor Tape/ Mighty Sign

Remove the backing from the floor tape and stick on the floor. Stick tape to the ground and remove liner while applying the floor tape / floor sign.


Step 4: Cut floor tape

Picture of Cut floor tape

Cut the Mighty Line floor tape when you are finished installing it in the desired area.


Step 5: Use

Picture of Use

Use the Mighty Line industrial floor tape and floor sign. Be sure to not drag skids across Mighty Line. Stay Safe! Be sure to visit our website for more details and other floor marking products www.mightylinetape.com.



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