Mighty Line VS Paint ! Stop Painting Lines and Try Mighty Line Floor Tape

We found this awesome new graphic about using the Mighty Line heavy duty floor tape over the traditional paint.


Mighty Line Floor Marking Tape Infographic shows the benefits of Mighty Line Floor Tape vs using Floor Paint in your facility.

Stop painting lines in your facility and try the patented heavy duty Mighty Line floor tape. If you are laying down 5s floor marking lines or creating safety marking areas for forklifts, try the Mighty Line industrial floor tape instead.

Mighty Line Floor tape offers a variety of benefits over painting lines. Our Mighty Line floor marking infographic breaks down why it is the ideal choice for keeping your facility safe and organized. Mighty Line is a more cost efficient option because it is more durable than marking paint. Mighty Line floor tape installs quickly and easily with no downtime.

Mighty Line 5s infographic shows the many benefits of Mighty Line floor tape. Please share this Mighty Lines 5s infographic with other coworkers or colleagues. Please consider trying Mighty Line floor tape and stop painting floor tape. Request a free sample today!


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